Note #5: A Serious Warning on “President Trump”

If by now you are not having a Trump overdoses, wait another 24 hours; by the end of it you will either be pondering about what a Trump presidency is shaping to be, or frantically trying to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the race.

Did you see what I did to you there? “pondering about what a Trump presidency is shaping to be” is a subtle planting in the mind that a Trump presidency is inevitable: “shaping to be“. That’s what the MSM is doing to you. It’s covering of Trump now 24/7 while erasing Hillary Clinton from their communications tools; it is a stealthy conditioning of the people’s mind to get used, by way of repeating his name and his ‘presidential policies’, to the idea that the man is now presidential.

President Trump Promises Debt, Default And Depression [Headline from Crooks and Liars blog]

The MSM is conditioning you to take for granted that Trump now owns the GOP, fait accomplished. And while until recently the MSM was shaming Trump for not being “presidential”, no one is making fun of him on that point anymore, or at least not as consistently.

People, you are currently going, unbeknownst to yourselves, through a process of mental conditioning by the MSM: you are being BRAINWASHED as we speak, into getting used and accepting the idea of a President Trump.

Notice also that whenever the MSM mentions Hillary, it is 99% sure it is a negative coverage of her: no one likes her, she is dishonest, crooked…I have commented on this blog at least once, here  , why Hillary may lose the elections. Even if she defeats Sanders, which I will not take for granted until I see it happening, the white male oligarchs are not interested in a woman president, especially if she is a ‘feminist’. The Israelis are there too for their own Hillary hating reasons discussed at that link.

You may or may not have had the uncomfortable feeling I had that, for some reason, negative coverage of Trump doesn’t have the same weight as for Hillary, that even though she is not been portrayed as a racist, the negative coverage makes her REALLY look bad. I’ll give you the secret: contrary to Trump, Hillary has been vilified as a woman, a she devil. She has been condemned in the MSM for all the ills of humanity, she is the corrupter of men. It’s subtle but it’s there. I have even read leftist’s blog accusing her of influencing her husband into signing bills he didn’t want to sign.

Killary Clinton, in Russian alphabet, but from our beloved nation. She is not even human.

Trump, however, is an outsider, his crime is to be a buffoon. He is not even peeled off for been an openly admitted corrupt billionaire. Want to stop Trump? Make a connection between  his millions with the promotion of the mental illness called compulsive gambling. Everyone knows that casinos suck the money away from the communities where they are. The MSM doesn’t touch the sources of Trump’s billions, but excoriates Hillary with conspiracy theories about how she has caused the planet to almost collapse.

Please, take a look at my discussion about the myth of the outsider in these primaries.

The reason the art of mind control is so effective is because it is subtle, repetitive and uses coded words implanted sparsely in the messages.

So there, you have been warned. Tread carefully when you bash Hillary, you may just have been turned into a zombie by the MSM.

Is anyone awake out there? HELLO!

Presidentially looking Trump.


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