It’s Official: It’s A Fractured Nation

Yeap, that’s what we have in our hands right now: a  nation divided and angry, with no viable solutions or alternatives for the long run.

As I have proposed in this blog, the voters anger, which is the outcome (in Trilateralist Larry Summers’ words) of the success of globalism, is being directed at the two-party system (the duopoly). The globalists themselves are untouched (physically) by that anger, a sign that the two-party system is fulfilling its purpose: mediate between the real owners of the political system (the oligarchs) and the people they control and oppress. The elite buys the politicians to be the escape goat for them, to receive the anger of the masses.

The only signs of the ‘people united’ are the Trumpists and Sandernistas united in hating Hillary.


But the elite itself is deeply divided in the GOP, not in the democratic party. The owners of the dems are fine, thank you for asking. Their problem is the angry voters, not any ideological divisions. The GOP, on the other hand, is barfing all that contaminated ideology they have being eating all these years. Trump and his angry voters is the purgative forcing  the party to expel the toxic stew of globalism and libertarianism/paleoconservatism.

It’s not a superficial ideological war; how they resolve their differences will have serious implications for the rest of us. Trump is just the purgative, he will bend over to the big oligarchs, they know it. Cheney’s support to Trump is a telltale of how confident they are that ‘weak Trump’ (as E. Warren is calling him now) will be the right ‘card’ to play. Trump’s gold is the angry voters following him and to be pacified with his irrational ‘solutions’ that leave the oligarchs stil  in charge. So, don’t be surprise if he wins the presidency because…that brings me to the other side of the aisle, Sanders and his Berniacs, aka the berniebots.

tatoo - Copy

These signs of the ‘revolution’ to come surely don’t look promising.


Their revolution turned out to be against Hillary, and if they can’t stop her, then against the party itself. But note that it started against Wall Street; it is Sanders who channeled the ‘revolutionaries’ away from their original complain and into the party to do battle against Hillary. Sanders want the presidency, that’s why he said today in Rachel Maddow’ show that he is not concerned right now with what ‘his movement’ is going to do after the primaries. As I have argued alone in this blog, Sanders never had any revolution in mind when he enter the race, he was ‘an issues candidate’. Now he is getting millions of dollars in donations, some of which go as payment to his wife as the director of his campaign. That’s one of the reasons he will stay “until the last vote is counted”; he meant to say until the last donation is counted.

But the Berniacs are now REALLY angry because Trump deprived them of the joy of provoking him and his followers at his rallies. Now they are at it with Hillary. They are following her like rabid dogs, whirling all kinds of epithets at her. IMHO, they pose a physical danger to her.The hatred of these Sanders’ anarchists runs deep against her, and it is masculine. I have being reading the different leftist’s online blogs, and what they are saying about her is SCARY!!!

It’s not that she is a “corrupt” politician, after all, how many politicians  are out there who aren’t corrupt  in more or less degree? Hillary is different: she is the corrupter, which makes her the she-devil incarnate. FLOTUS Clinton forced President Clinton to pass all and each bad policy/bill he approved; she corrupted Wall Street’s CEOs and forced them to give her money, she bribed them! Every bad law in the USA has her finger prints in it. She actually had sex with women whom she forced to do nasty things on her, you can imagine which nasty things. No other politician is guilty of the wars, only she; not Obama, not Bush Jr….only she. And racist Trump is, for them, a better alternative an more trustworthy  for the presidency than her.

The hatred these people have against her is, to say the least, unhealthy. Their demands that she releases her speeches have nothing to do with ‘accountability’ or ‘transparency’. Nothing that she does can exculpate: no email conviction? Then the speeches; nothing there? Then they will ask for everything she has done in her life until they nail her at something. When you dig and dig in the life of a human being, you are bound to find dirt because no human being is 100% clean. That’s what they are doing: digging until they find something to nail her. That in addition to mounting a psychological operation on her. You can imagine the stress that that kind of harassment can have eventually on a person. She is bound to get testy or snap at some one…and the MSM and the mics and the cell phone cameras will be there to record it. That’s all they need to derail her, one moment of externalized frustration.

She is not even human.


The bots waiting for her outside.

So, the nation doesn’t want Trump or Hillary, according to the angry voters. Remember, the angry voters are actually a minority. Put Trump’s and Sanders’ together (there is a big chance they will actually coalesce with Trump aganist Hillary) and they are still a minority; but a very powerful minority. If no Trump or Hillary, then who? What will happen with all that anger? The bernibots are heading towards major disappointment when Sanders if forced to support Hillary; he is part of the democratic party.

The real ‘revolution’ is going on in the GOP and it is the revolution of the gods, the oligarchs. Sanders’ is a ‘revolution’ of convenience, opportunism. The people are left, like or not, with the only sane person in these primaries: Hillary Clinton, if she makes it in one piece to the WH. And if she wins, you can bet your food stamps that the berniacs will NOT let her do her job in peace; they will try to IMPEACH her starting day one after the swearing ceremony.

This is getting worse by the minute, no relief insight. The root of our problems is globalism, but no one is attacking it or the globalists themselves. No third-party independent of the oligarchs, no nothing…except Trump and the Berniacs…and Hillary for the moment being.

As long as we are distracted and divided against each other, the nation will remain a fractured nation: this is a new world order.


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