Trump And The Invasion of Iraq: Courtesy of Your MSM

Don’t expect the MSM to do any serious introspective soul-searching analysis about how and why  did they crown Trump as the official GOP presidential candidate.

I’m still waiting for them to take responsibility for selling to the American public the invasion of Iraq. They were Bush/Cheney’s lap dog, and now they are racist xenophobic Trump’s lap dog. His business record is a non story for the MSM. They have avoided talking about his businesses because they don’t want to risk making the billionaire elite class a collateral damage of these primaries.

They just don’t care because they are accountable to no one. They are there for themselves and for the oligarchs.

The question is: Why would the MSM want Trump to be the next president? A possible answer: because they hate Hillary Clinton more than they may hate Trump. Remember, the MSM is the art of deception; what you see is not what you get. Psy op is their tool.

Keep it in mind, people.


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