Prick-Up Your Ears: Euphemism For ‘Globalism’ Makes Its Debut

I like to checkout The Brookings Institute regularly for hints to what the globalists are up to these days. I found an interesting piece of data/fact that illustrates how they are changing the word “globalism”  for public consumption. Here is the example:

4. Trump’s audience was the Republican political establishment, not its foreign policy elite
Trump was never going to convince Republican internationalists that they should support his foreign policy. His target audience was the Republican domestic and political establishment. He needed to convince them that he had a foreign policy they could live with. Trump did this by repackaging his isolationism in realist language and by framing his views as protecting the national interest. A secondary audience was foreign policy realists. Realists have been marginalized in the Republican Party since 1992. That he gave the speech at the Center for the National Interest was significant. We can expect realist commentary in the coming weeks about how Trump has a point on several issues.

Did you catch that? “Republican internationalists” are non other than the Republican globalists. These Republicans must have recently done one of those communications focus group experiments to test the  emotional response of  subjects of the general public to the words “globalism” and “internationalism” as they did for the phrase “climate change” vs “global warming”.

There is a true story relevant to this euphemism, the story of the phrase climate change. The Republicans started using the phrase ‘climate change’ during the first Bush Jr. administration because global warming conjured negative emotions  in the public. The emotional response was tested by Frank Luntz…

The new label “climate change” was coined by Frank Luntz, an advisor to the Republican Party. Below are excerpts from this 2002 memo to President George W. Bush titled “The Environment: A Cleaner, Safer, Healthier America”. Frank Luntz was employed by the public relations company APCO International, which also worked for the tobacco industry, and helped launching the Friends of Science. Frank Luntz has since changed his position on global warming.

This is a snapshot of that memo:


All of this about ‘internationalists’ is consistent with what I have been writing in this blog for a while now. See my post Not So Fast: Trump’s Foreign Policy Plan Was Made To Appeal To The Angry Voters [Revised], and Larry Summers: Presidential Elections Crisis Evidence That Globalism May Have Run Its Course among others.

So, you have been warned: from now on when you hear or read the words “Republican Internationalists” rest assured they mean “Republican globalists”. Live and learn, folks, live and learn.


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