Bernie Sanders And The Left’s Inability to Learn From Recent History (Part 2)(Reviewed)

In my earlier post I talked about the left’s willingness to buy into  mystic candidates who use their charismatic persona to hide their true class identity: minions of the oligarchs, pawns to manage the ‘establishment’.

Now I describe what I saw about Obama in 2008, the real Obama, not the charismatic leader, which presaged to me the yuuge disappointment the left was walking into by supporting him.

Obama’s Campaign Was Not A Movement (This was added recently.)

First, you must keep this in mind: to be a movement there must be participation by the rank and file in the decision process of that group. Following a charismatic politician doesn’t constitute ‘a movement’, at least not from the leftists’ point of view. Ask yourselves, what happened to that Obama ‘movement’ after he won? Take your time. Now answer this: Did his followers had any input in his campaign, any decision-making right to influence the issues, or what to do after he won? Did he keep the movement alive after he won?

The Real Obama Was All Over the Place

Most of what follows happened in the period of 2007-2008. I gathered this information  from the comfort of my little apartment; there’s no reason the left didn’t see their political debacle  coming.  I saw it. I can’t put everything I had here, this is a lot. I hope it makes sense. Feel free to comment; no insults, please.

Let me start with the most evident sign in 2008 that Obama was going to be the capitalists’ hammer to the working class: his membership at The Hamilton Project. (All quotes are from my old blog.)

The Hamilton Project was formed  in 2006 by the DLC “to blunt the political demands for protectionism…and the group was willing to take on entrenched Democratic interests such as teaching unions.”[sirotablog] says that the project was created “for softening the impact of globalization without interfering with international trade…with an eye to fiscal austerity and balanced budget”.

A Tiny described them more appropriately: “The members of the advisory council of The Hamilton Project include numerous investment bankers. They’re people who should naturally be Republicans, but just can’t bear having to hang out with Pat Robertson”.

Robert Rubin, one of the main creators of the Hamilton Project, “demanded during the debate over CAFTA that congressional Democrats back off their efforts to include labor, human rights and environmental protections in the pact. [Lou Dobbs, CNN, 3/2005]

In the words of Politico: “Oh sure, the group [THP] claims it is going to look at critical issues like income inequality – but you can be sure they will look at the issue without looking at issues like “free” trade that are fueling that inequality. Because make no mistake about it – this move today [the creation of THP] is nothing more than the beginning of a frontal attack by Corporate America on the progressive movement, using the Democratic Party as an all-too-transparent cloak of legitimacy”.

Barack Obama was a willing partner of that plan. Did his presidential economic policies aligned with that discussion in 2008? Of course, he protected the globalists. He was ready for it:

“This Is Not a Bloodless Process”:

“…there are real consequences to the work that is being done here [THP]. There are people …who have seen their jobs eliminated…Some of that, then will end up manifesting itself in the sort of nativist sentiment, protectionism, and anti-immigration sentiment…This is not a bloodless process.”

About health insurance and CHANGE:

“If we’ve got a winner-take all economy…then our tax policies can help cushion the blow [to the losers] through providing health care. So if people lose their jobs they’re not losing their health care as well. That actually makes for a more flexible work force that makes workers more mobile and less resistant to change.”

The messiah of “change” was working to make that change less probable by making workers “less resistant to change”.

It doesn’t get more capitalist than that. Obama was invited by and became a member of The Hamilton Project (THP) in 2008. You probably recognize Robert Rubin’s name; a pal to Bill Clinton and Obama. He was Obama’s economic adviser who got his protégés, Timothy Geithner and Lawrence Summers, into the White House.

Don’t point your guns at Hillary yet. We still have to deal with Sanders, later.

Obama Never Promised Anything to Black America

I said before that Obama was groomed for his first presidential bid. His first book, Dreams of My Father, was re-published four years before the 2008 primaries, with a new introduction tailored to introduce him to white America, letting them know they should not be scared of him as a Black man because..he feels he has nothing in common with African-Americans. He would offer something “finer” than “African bloodlines”.

In it he made clear that race was not going to be part of his campaign or presidency. That’s why he seldom made reference to his race during the primaries or the presidential campaigns…and why issues of the Black community had no place in his presidency, only when they were brought by crisis that could not be ignored because they were plastered all over the MSM.

His book was an account about how he went to the Black community to find out if he shared a Black experience with them and came out realizing he didn’t…because he is unique:

“I can’t even hold up my experience as being somehow representative of the black American experience…”

“learning to accept that particular truth – that I can embrace my black brothers and sisters, whether in this country of Africa, and affirm a common destiny without pretending to speak to, or for, all our various struggles – is part of what this book is about.”

“Communities [Black] had to be created…This community I imagined was still in the making...I believed that it might, over time, admit the uniqueness of my life. That was my idea of organizing. It was a promise of redemption.

“…notions of purity-of race or culture-could no more serve as the basis for the typical black American’s self-esteem than it could for mine. Our sense of wholeness would have to arise from something more fine than the bloodlines we’d inherited.”[He doesn’t say what that might be.]

The “fine” was his uniqueness, his messianic persona: he was above race. His bloodline was not ‘fine’ enough.

There was much more there; I still wonder if the left read the book or just skimmed over it. The lack of policy during his presidency to address the problems of African-Americans was anticipated there in the book.

The Black Community is like the loving, committed spouse, willing to ignore immediate needs so their partner can conquer the world. But at the end of the day, something must be delivered.” []

He promised nothing to AAs, and delivered nothing to them. The same guy from quoted above, later called Obama “Barack Obama: the Kunta Kinte of 2008” blasting him for throwing every Black leader under the bus. And Obama’s speech on father’s day didn’t help much, either. I’m sure you remember it.

Obama was not vetted by the left, period.

How Obama’s Allure Crossed Class Boundaries

This is one piece of information that I found doing the research on him in 2008 that alerted me about his deceitfulness, from his own mouth:

BO said in an interview with Cathleen Falsani (Chicago Sun-Times, 4/2004) that

“The nature of politics, you want to have everybody like you and project the best possible traits onto you. Often that’s by being as vague as possible, or appealing to the lowest common denominators. The more specific and detailed you are on issues as personal and fundamental as your faith the more potentially dangerous it is”

What he described there, four years before the primaries, was more than mere salesmanship: it is tested cult psychology. He presented himself  as a blank screen, provided a few coded words (‘hope’, etc.) to guide you and, dutifully, you would  fill in the blanks with your own dreams and values. Obama was a collective illusion. African-Americans filled that blank screen with their dreams of freedom and of being treated with dignity; they thought it was him promising them ‘redemption’, even though he seldom spoke about race during the campaigns.

The labor movement also projected their dreams into the Obama blank screen:

“Just wait until we have a Labor Department under President Obama.” shouted Congresswoman Jan Schakwosky in a labor movement’s rally in Chicago in 2007.

Obama even said that Blacks would benefit ‘indirectly’ from his presidency because he was going to make ‘everybody’s lives better.

And it was by being a “blank screen” that everybody fell for him, including the kings of the MSM and the communists. From my other blog:

This is Rupert Murdoch gushing over Obama:

He is a rock star. It’s fantastic. I love what he is saying about education. I don’t think he will win Florida…..but he will win in Ohio and the election. I am anxious to meet him. I want to see if he will walk the walk.” [the Huffington Post]

Frank Chapman, CPUSA supporter, hailing BO’s victory in the Iowa caucuses:

Obama’s victory was more than a progressive move; it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle. Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary “mole”, not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through.”

It never occurred to the communist experts in class politics that if the oligarchs were supporting him, if one of the kings of the MSM,  the instrument with which the people are brainwashed daily , was so enamored with him, something was not kosher. They simply bought into the mainstream collective delusion.

But there was plenty of evidence showing that he had a conservative-republican leaning.

“Some of Obama’s peers question the motives of this second-year law student. They find it puzzling that despite Obama’s openly progressive views on social issues, he has also won support from staunch conservatives…criticism from fellow black students for being too conciliatory toward conservatives and not choosing more blacks to other top positions on the law review.”

Did BO’s message of hope made Wall Street speculators grow a heart?

Of course not. Finally, I said this in 2008:

Obama’s “coalition of the willing”, as I dub this coalition of extreme right and left wing political elements supporting his bid for POTUS, contains in itself the seeds of self-destruction. Ask yourself, How can the interests of deep pocket capitalists coincide with that of the Marxist left, the black nationalist and separatists, the NOI (Nation Of Islam), and the “organized working class” actively supporting BO? Or this equally interesting question: why do the leftists perceive BO as their ally despite his frequent flip flopping on economical and war issues?

I had more in my 2008 blog. The point being that, for those who see Obama’s administration as a betrayal of his promise for “hope and change”, you only have yourselves to blame for having been doped. What he really was, it was written all over the wall.

Next post: Sanders and Hillary.


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