Sanders Proves He Is a NeoCon Zionist

The Pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC) forced Sanders to ‘suspend’ his Jewish outreach coordinator, Simone Zimmerman, over a FB comment she made a year ago blasting Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Not only he submitted to the Jewish lobby, he proved that he can easily be manipulated by the right wingers. But this is not new.

One of Sanders many lies is that he supports the Palestinians. Well…there is no evidence of that.

In the last CNN debate he spoke about Israel’s “disproportionate” attack on Palestinians. Take note that “disproportionate” doesn’t mean he is against the attacks, only that they should just be a bit more mindful of the press. He has always use the ‘disproportionate’ adjective after saying that Israel has been victim of terrorist attacks by Palestinians.

In the now infamous NY Daily News interview, he clearly stated that he doesn’t believe that the Palestinians have a right to self-defense, not even a right to appeal to the International Court to complain about Israel’s crimes against them. To prove he believes that at heart, he has voted for bill spending billions of dollar in armaments for Israel. And when he doesn’t want to be on record supporting Israel’s war crimes, he simply does not vote; then he looks as “not supporting ” the bills.

Then this:

Perhaps more important than his rhetoric is his voting record on this issue. During the 2014 assault on Gaza, blatantly biased Senate resolutions S. Res 498 and S. Res 526 that fully condoned the Israeli assault and characterized it as “self-defense” were passed by unanimous consent. Although Sanders did not co-sponsor either resolution, he failed to register any formal objection (a resolution passes by unanimous consent if no objection is raised; as such, no vote is taken). To be clear, this is not the first time Sanders failed to speak up in Congress against Israel’s brutal assault of Gaza. In 2012, Sanders failed to register any objection against biased Senate resolution S. Res 599 that couched Israel’s bombing of Gaza as “self-defense” and that passed by unanimous consent; according to Human Rights organization B’Tselem, 167 Palestinians were killed, including at least 87 civilians (vs. 4 Israeli civilians). In 2009, biased Senate resolution S. Res 10 backed Israel’s assault on Gaza and yet again justified it as Israel’s “right to defend itself” without garnering any objection from Sanders (it passed by unanimous consent); according to B’Tselem, 1387 Palestinians were killed, including at least 773 civilians (vs. 3 Israeli civilians). In 2006, Sanders actually supported the brutal Israeli assault on Gaza and Lebanon during the war that killed 1191 Lebanese civilians per Amnesty International (vs. 43 Israeli civilians killed) when he voted Yea to House resolution H. Res 921.

Watch this video where he is confronted by Pro-Palestinians Americans on his refusal to state his support  of Palestinian’s right to “self-defense”.


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