Sanders’ Close Encounters With The GOP

The way Sanders is conducting his campaign in this primaries may lead one to suspect that he is a mole for the GOP.

Notice that I said “may“, it’s  not a categorical assertion. But I propose that you will agree in that the following facts are enough to cast doubt about Sanders’ honesty in his decision to run in the democratic party.

Sanders has made public his refusal to attack Trump

Sanders has limited his campaign tactics to vilifying Hillary Clinton (HC), casting her as the evil shill for Wall Street, there’s nothing good in her: she is the devil incarnate. On the other hand, he has limited his comments against Trump’s incendiary proposals and attacks on everyone who doesn’t speaks well about him to characterizing them simply as ‘nonsense’ and not deserving to be addressed by him nor by the MSM. He even dismissed Trump’ suggestion that women should be imprisoned for having abortions, which shows both, Sanders and Trump, have an utter disregard to women’s rights issues.

By focusing on HC, he is giving ammo to the GOP if she actually gets the nomination (barring Sanders stealing it) and avoids destroying Trump. He is helping them by not joining Hillary in denouncing Trump.

Sanders has decided that the party should not win the Presidential Elections

Of course he desperately wants to be the party’s candidate. That cute “not me, us” is plain bumper-sticker propaganda created to be consumed by  naive youngsters and politically unripe old people. But behind his egocentric  effort at getting the party’s nomination at any cost is his will to disrupt the party’s nomination process so that if he doesn’t get it, the party will lose the elections.

He has denounced the democratic party itself as corrupt, but has avoided repeating as frequently the same about the GOP. Whether you agree that both parties are corrupt (I do), in the absence of an alternative to them, Sanders attacking the only option for the working class and opening the door for the GOP is a sign of most exquisite opportunism and betrayal to them. ‘If not me, well, we are anarchists: let’s burn down the US.’

He is taking a page from Trump.

The difference between him and Trump is that Trump is getting the popular vote; a coup against Trump will be a coup against the GOP’s voters. Sanders, however, does not have the popular vote, at least not yet. But Sanders is moving in tandem with Trump:

  • Sanders has adopted Trump’s bullying approach to ‘winning’ votes; he didn’t start his campaign like that.
  • Sanders has issued the same Trump anti-establishment mantra, which explains why he has not denounced his followers’ threat of voting for Trump if he doesn’t get the democratic nomination and ‘never’ for HC.
  • Sanders is now attacking the ‘super-delegates’.

Sanders is using  Karl Rove’s ‘vilify HC’ handbook

As discussed in at least my previous two posts, Karl Rove has developed the art of political brainwashing, of opinion-shaping technique. He honed that art by spending billions of $$ on creating, since the 2008 primaries, campaign ads to vilify HC, not only to prove her policies wrongs but to actually present her as a subhuman creature. This is a fact, people, read it and weep. The GOP didn’t want HC to be the nominee; it’s déjà vu all over again.

But not only Sanders is supporting Rove’s distorted picture of HC, he is actually practicing Rove’s disinformation tactics.

Now Sanders has taken that art to its evil consequences: destroying from inside the party its chances of  winning the elections  by him doing the job that not even Trump is doing now. Sanders has gone beyond ‘denouncing’ HC’s policies, he is engaging in character assassination using Rove’s tactics.

For all of Sanders’ anti-Wall Street mantra, all he has done is attacking HC as the one who enables the CEOs. Without HC, Wall Street would be a blessing, only the 0.1% of them are evil. She is the corrupting factor there, they would behave as humans were it not for her. That’s Sanders’ message.

Sanders’s followers as the tools to destroy the democratic party

Sanders initially said that he was running in the democratic party only to ‘push’ HC to the left of the party and to bring the issues ‘he cared about’ to the voters. That was then, this is today. Consider this: why would anyone who hates HC  pass the opportunity to use that untapped youthful anti-establishment-Occupy-movement energy against her? Not Karl Rove…not Sanders.

Ever since Sanders realized that he had these youngsters receptive to ‘the issues he cared about’, he and Karl Rove have been revving  that hate-HC-machine.

Sanders’ followers are spreading that hate in his name, and he then says ‘I didn’t say that!” The Rove dirty tricks against HC have become today’s political staple. As I said in my previous posts, look at the YouTube videos about HC. Many of them were made by berniebots who learned from the hate encrusted in the MSM old ads from the 2008 campaign. The dirty tricks have become part of every dirty politician, except of Hillary’s. To her detriment, IMHO, she has remained focused on attacking Trump’s mindless proposed ‘policies’ instead of attacking Sanders with his own record.

Also, as I discussed in another post, the GOP itself, with Rove’s help,  is using Sanders followers to resolve their internal disputes with Trump. All that physical provocations and confrontations at Trump’s rallies by Sanders supporters are intended to create in the public (who are undecided about Trump) the image that he is unelectable. True, he should be un-electable but that’s not what a lot of the GOP voters think, nor is the reason the GOP is against him. Trump’s positions are not “conservative” enough for them: he talks about setting limits to globalism and demonizing globalists, among other things; so, the GOP wants him out. Don’t buy the idea the the GOP is angry at him because he is ‘racist’. If you do, you show how politically unripe you are.

Summing up:

Sanders’ campaign have been nothing but the GOP’s dream made real: destroying the democratic party and HC from inside the party.

When you see how

  • Sanders has voted to fund every single war, including the Invasion of Iraq to today’s wars,
  • that he is a hawk to support the military industry,
  • that he supported the Minutemen militia
  • and how he has bailed out Wall Street but has make it look as if it is HC who has done all that,

it is difficult not to believe that he is in the tank for the GOP.

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