Unfair MSM Treatment of Sanders…

I compiled this list of headlines from the Washington Post to show how ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’ is their coverage of Sanders and Clinton.

You will see that the headlines for Sanders (45) are nearly all  positive, never is there a personal attack on him, never a question about his credibility or morals, and never a check at his political record. The opposite is true of the headlines for Hillary Clinton (40).

Sanders followers have nothing to complain about the MSM; it has the hots for him.

Headlines for Sanders:45 positive

Highlights from Bernie Sanders’s campaign, in pictures
The senator from Vermont has become Hillary Clinton’s chief rival in the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The idea that Bernie Sanders has been too negative to debate Hillary Clinton is ridiculous
The Latest: Wisconsin voters want to hear from Sanders
The Latest: Sanders reaches out to black voters in Milwaukee
Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary Clinton a real run for the nomination
Jane Sanders: Winning Wisconsin wouldn’t mean less because of a large white population
Ralph Nader: Why Bernie Sanders was right to run as a Democrat
A meal at Denny’s finally convinced Jane Sanders that her husband should run
Now The Washington Post ran 16 positive stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 hours! #bias[meaning it was true!]
Sanders references the Holocaust when discussing Trump’s ‘intolerance’ toward Muslims
Bernie Sanders calls Donald Trump ‘a nutcase’ during Wisconsin rally
The key details missing from Bernie Sanders’s free college proposal
The crazy logic behind an alliance of Trump-Sanders supporters
Why did the New York Times change its mind about Bernie Sanders?
Bernie Sanders’s most vitriolic supporters really test the meaning of the word ‘progressive’
These congressional candidates got inspiration from Sanders – but little else
How an obscure socialist text from the ’80s predicted Bernie Sanders’s rise
Bernie Sanders draws more than 30,000 to stops around Washington state Sunday
What Bernie Sanders would do to America
Has The Washington Post been too hard on Bernie Sanders this week?
16 negative stories in 16 hours after Sunday’s debate? Not quite.
Awkward reality for Bernie Sanders: A strategy focused on whiter states [but he’s not a ‘racist’. For HC, it counts as ‘racism’.]
Celeb endorsement of the week: Rosario Dawson for Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders’s huge Washington win was exactly what his campaign needed

Bernie Sanders trades laughs, serious talk with Jimmy Kimmel on latest day of Democratic voting

What Bernie Sanders still doesn’t get about arguing with Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders was a trend-setter back in 1967, too

Why did Bernie Sanders dominate Saturday? Caucuses in states with smaller black populations.

Is democratic socialism the American Dream?

New York Times public editor raps newspaper for edits to story on Bernie Sanders’s record

Sanders has gotten nastier. Does it help explain his staying power?
Where once he berated the ‘billionaire class,’ senator now focuses on Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders and the clash of memory
The ‘Sanders Democrat’ is paving the way for the radical left

Sanders doesn’t need much explaining in liberal Seattle

Bernie Sanders bolts interview with Arizona TV reporter

Bernie Sanders: ’30 Years of Speeches’ | Campaign 2016

Bernie Sanders tells supporters he sees a winning streak coming

How Bernie Sanders is hijacking the Democratic Party to be elected as an independent

The new Democratic Party proposal to rival Bernie Sanders’s socialism

Bernie Sanders’s praise for communist Cuba just became an issue. But do people even care anymore?

Clinton criticizes Sanders for dismissing Trump’s abortion ‘punishment’ gaffe
Stephen Colbert knows why that bird REALLY landed on Bernie Sanders’s lectern

‘Excuse me!’ Bernie Sanders doesn’t know how to talk about black people

Sanders’s ‘yuge’ Twitter moment during debate with Clinton

Bernie Sanders is right: Bill Clinton’s welfare law doubled extreme poverty

Bernie Sanders won the debate’s Google fight — in more ways than one

Maybe Bernie Sanders is right about trade negotiators
Sanders: In it to win it but building grass-roots enthusiasm for Democrats regardless

This Hillary Clinton attack on Bernie Sanders makes no sense

Bernie Sanders needs to get serious on foreign policy

Bernie Sanders’s real problem with black and Hispanic voters

Despite what his critics say, Bernie Sanders insists he is not championing a ‘radical’ agenda

Why an arm of the Koch empire is praising Bernie Sanders

HILLARY CLINTON: 40 negatives

“What if the problem with Hillary Clinton’s campaign is Hillary Clinton?
Sometimes the problem is you.”

The idea that Bernie Sanders has been too negative to debate Hillary Clinton is ridiculous
Chelsea Clinton’s bungled answer on her mother’s college affordability plan
Clinton lashes out at Sanders for ‘lying’ about her. Here’s how to settle this.
What some men have against Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton must face the music — and the FBI
The Latest: Clinton laments GOP’s ‘implacable hostility’
Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary Clinton a real run for the nomination
A former top New York Times editor says Clinton is ‘fundamentally honest.’ So…
Clinton pushes gun control at emotional meeting in Wisconsin
Second federal judge grants legal discovery into Clinton use of private email server
The Latest: Wisconsin voters want to hear from Sanders
Clinton faces disruptive Sanders supporters in New York
The Latest: Sanders reaches out to black voters in Milwaukee
There are dozens of FBI agents involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation
Do gendered comments help or hurt Hillary Clinton?
The Miami debate was Clinton’s personal nightmare
Bernie Sanders pulls even with Hillary Clinton in a new poll. Because it’s the economy, stupid.
The Republican race serves as a useful distraction from how bad things are for Clinton
This is the closest thing we’ve ever had to a Hillary Clinton political manifesto
How can Hillary Clinton and other female politicians be ‘likable enough?’ A new study offers guidance.
What’s next for Bernie Sanders’s revolution?
Hillary Clinton will have to avoid alienating his supporters.
5 times Hillary Clinton has played fast and loose with the facts on Bernie Sanders’s record
Why Hillary Clinton is unlikely to be indicted over her private email server
Lucky for her, political idiocy is not criminal.
Why Hillary Clinton’s ‘super-predator’ concession is such a big moment for political protest
Why did Hillary Clinton lose Michigan but win Ohio? White voters.
Clinton’s Benghazi moment rules Twitter at Democratic debate
U.S. judge orders discovery to go forward over Clinton’s private email system
The Libya debacle undermines Clinton’s foreign policy credentials
Hillary Clinton’s struggles with the death penalty date back to her Senate days

Hillary Clinton draws criticism for her response to violence at Trump’s Chicago rally

Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server
Clinton regrets 1996 remark on ‘super-predators’ after encounter with activist

Eight years later, Bill Clinton is causing headaches for his wife again
Team Hillary is betting big on the Obama coalition

Clinton ahead in Missouri, but race in limbo pending decision on recount
Clinton emails continue to be non-scandal, disappointing Republicans
Democrats have a lot riding on Hillary Clinton. Which is why the word ‘immunity’ should make them very nervous.


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