The “Bernie or Bust” Dilemma: Their Immoral Argument

We have been hearing about Sanders’ followers “Bernie or bust” dilemma for a while now. Today’s  NYT has an interesting opinion article about it. You can read Sanders’ followers explanation of this dilemma posted in the MSM’s  comment sections online if, like me, you do care to read people’s comments.

It all comes down to this:

  • We hate “the party establishment”.
  • We are in it (democratic party) only because our “ego-less” (a Susan Sarandon’s quote in the NYT article) and truth-telling leader is running in it.
  • We hate Hillary Clinton (HC) because she personifies the corrupt party; she is a liar, untrustworthy and corrupt to the core: there’s nothing good about her.
  • We can’t vote for such a corrupt person.
  • We rather vote for Trump or not vote at all.

I find it very difficult to develop any convincing rational and logical argument to debate any politician’s  followers who believe their leader is “ego-less” and “honest“. Sanders followers’ main argument against HC (and promoted by the MSM) is a moral one:  he doesn’t lie, he is an “honest politician”. Of course, Sanders himself promotes that image when he persists in saying “we [meaning him] are the ONLY ONES telling the Truth”.

But it is a truism that the mark of all politicians is that they all are  pillos y tramposos, as we call them in Spanish: liars and cheaters. The existence of a non-lying politician is as real as the existence of the unicorn: no one has seen one.

That’s why talking to  Sanders’ followers is like trying to have  a rational conversation with religious fanatics: they start from the premise that only they have the truth, and that that truth puts them above anyone else. There is no possibility of raising any moral arguments to counter  retrograde political positions of the religious fanatic: there is only ONE truth and they possess it. Jesus Christ is perfect and so is anyone who follows him…

And so is Sanders, the politician, to his fanatic followers. He is above all humans, he is perfect and never ever lies (a lie in itself).

You just can’t argue with people like that; facts contradicting their positions are immaterial to them.

Yes, it’s a radical thing…actually it is MIRACULOUS. Only Sanders has the truth, he is god-like; he is the only politician who is not a liar. Good God: he is “ego-less”.

This is the same situation Hillary encountered in 2008 when she was running against Obama: he was the perfect one, the truth-teller, the “hope”. His followers couldn’t tolerate any arguments or facts proving that he was lying about anything. I know because I was often attacked by friends when I pointed facts showing that he was lying.

Now we are trying to elect another lying politician; don’t get fooled to the contrary, that’s what we are doing.

Hillary the Liar

I know Hillary, we know her. We know her strengths and weaknesses. I doubt there are many followers of HC who are not aware of them. We, Hillary’s followers, are not following a superior being, a god or goddess. We are voting for a politician who, given the political circumstances we are in, we perceive is our best shot in the presidency…because we know her. That’s it. There will be no negative surprises or disappointments with her…because we are not asking her to start the revolution. We expect her to do things we will deeply disagree with.

But we saw her as a First Lady saying and trying to do things for which she was bashed by the MSM and the oligarchs. I particularly remember her defending the Palestinians, possibly the origin of the hatred the MSM and Israelis have for her (they even published photos implying that HC was a lesbian kissing Palestinian women).  Going to AIPAC is not enough to ameliorate their hatred of her.

We saw her as a senator, what she could do for us and what she tried to do. There’s a record of good deeds and mistakes…and of outright lies. But, when I compare her with other lying politicians, she fares better than them. Remember, we are talking of party politics, not about the workers’ party. That doesn’t exist yet.

So what about Sanders? Has he a record of lengthy battles against personal attacks because of his political ideas?

Saint Sanders, or Sanders the Saint?

Sanders record point to:

  • A politician with no-record of political revolutionary achievements, and lying about having one.
  • We have a politician claiming to stand with minorities, but his record shows the opposite, voting against the interests of minorities.
  • He has been in Congress for 30+ years with nothing to show for it, but somehow we are to believe that he can bring a ‘revolution’, a REVOLUTION!! on the basis of no record of political victories,
  • a record of sending the police to repress progressives who were protesting gun manufacturers in his city when he was a major, and lying about the reasons for which he ‘had’  to repress his progressive followers.
  • A record of supporting the Israelis and denying the Palestinians the right to self-defense.
  • A record of voting against immigration reform because he doesn’t want Mexicans (specifically Mexicans) taking the jobs of white workers in his district.
  • A record of supporting the Minutemen militia, and lying about why he “had” to vote for it.
  • A record of not knowing (as he has recently claimed) that his opponents were “tricking” him into voting for ‘contaminated’ bills (provisions inserted after having agreeing to a bill), meaning, he claims ignorance and naiveté  to explain every vote he cast against the working class…even for his most recent votes in Congress. After 30 years in politics, is Sanders a political fool? No. He is a political entity, expert in the political art of lying for personal gains.

The ONE and only one achievement he has flagged is some ‘veteran’s affairs’ vote.

Sanders lies are more than disappointing, they are a cover up of his pro-Israel, pro-gun corporations, pro-war against poor nations to use those armaments and give profits to those big corporations; a pro-capitalist claiming to be a “socialist“. That‘s the mother of all lies. And to top it off, as a self-proclaimed ‘revolutionary’ against the “party establishment”, he has promised to stay in that same party and PROTECT IT.  That’s duplicitous, at best. His followers don’t care about this; the ‘truth’ is with him any way, hidden somewhere there. Meanwhile, they think he will work to reform the party.

The Immoral Base Supporting Sanders’ Moral Argument

Now, his followers are willing to vote for another liar, Trump, or not vote at all rather than voting for Hillary because…they see no other means of starting the revolution.

I understand if they don’t want to vote for HC; it’s their right not to vote for her for whatever argument pleases them.  The part that is dishonest, or naive, and irresponsible is not voting for her and preferring to vote for someone worse than her, only because their illusory ‘honest’ politician ‘is the only one telling the truth’, and voting for Trump to “advance” the “revolution” by creating chaos.

These old crusty socialists don’t tell you that, in order for the political  tactic of voting  for a candidate that would exacerbate conflict to succeed, there must be a workers’ party already organized to confront the political repression that will ensue. The democratic party is NOT it; it is owned by the same oligarchs who own the GOP. It will stand with with Trump to defend the status quo.

Sanders knows this, there in lies him being a lying irresponsible politician, more ‘dangerous’ than Hillary. Who is going to lead the ‘ revolution’? Sanders? Susan Sarandon? Do you know what it takes to make a revolution? One leader? All you want is student debt relief, for crying out loud! You are not even on the side of the workers!

He is not telling the truth of who he is. You haven’t check his record. He is a lying politician too. This election, like each of them, is for you to pick from between the least offensive politician. At this point of the game you should know that the revolution is not made relying on elected lying politicians.

Hillary Clinton, with all her imperfections, is telling us what you can expect from her.

Sanders. well, he represents a collective delusion, just as the one we had in 2008. I’m still waiting for the “change“; the “hope“, well, that clearly is gone.

If you want the revolution, you must start by creating a third-party; you can’t pretend you can reform the duopoly. You can join Trump’s followers, they have the same goal as yours: getting rid of lying politicians and the ‘party establishment’. You may succeed in your revolution with them, after all.

As long as you stay there, there will be no revolution. And, admit it, you have no will to put the effort to start the revolution; you rather wait until Pelosi or Sanders do the work for you. Keep dreaming about the ‘revolution’, pals.

I’m voting for Hillary, not for a revolution. I’m voting for a politician, not for a saint.

Call me when you are ready for the real revolution, which requires spreading your blood on the streets.

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