Donald Trump’s Pre-Crimes

Important Update: I wrote this post in March, when the primaries were only a dress rehearsal for the real and scariest Trump that was to show up later in the presidential campaign. Back at that time, Trump was a cipher even for the MSM who could not understand the appeal of Trump nor the reason behind the ‘angry voters’. Thus, I tried to contribute in this post a deeper understanding of the Trump phenomena than the one discussed publicly in the media and otherwise at that time: that the fear in the heart of the oligarchs was not Trump, but him discussing publicly the failures of globalism, which they understand is the cause of ‘voter anger’ (see posts about Larry Summers).  At no time was I supporting him nor making a case against Hillary Clinton. At the beginning of the primaries, the oligarchy was divided on the issue of how to quash the people’s anger, and attacking Trump was a sign of desperation, they believed he was serious on his attacks on them. While Trump, with his ability to find the pulse of the public to make his products palatable to them, knew how to sell anti-globalism without using the term, it was no reason to elect a man-child over an adult. He identifies himself as part of the elitist class, the oligarchs will lose their ‘fear of him’ and probably continue to be divided on how to use the opportunity Trump provides to clamp down on the ‘angry people’. Now that the oligarchs are at ease with him, now is when we are in danger.


Consider the following.

We went  through the presidency of Truman – who detonated TWO atomic bombs on Japan, and the world and the USA survived it.

We went through the presidency of Richard Nixon with his eight years of genocidal war against Viet Nam; and we all survived it.

nixon - Copy

We went through the presidency of Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan, who sucked up the wealth of the nations for the elite and made wars on Latin America; and the world and the USA  survived it.

We went through the presidency of Bush Jr ( you all know what happened there), and we barely survived it. His administration (Cheney) went to Congress to OPENLY demand that torture be allowed as a regular US military policy. No, MSM, that policy has not being changed, and no, Bush Jr. didn’t ‘prohibit’ it. Don’t try  to attach moral qualities on a president and an administration utterly lacking it.

G.W. Bush joking about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq at a black-tie event for radio and television journalists in Washington.

We are about to come out from the Obama presidency, one bloodier than Bush’s Jr., and we have so far survived it (cross your fingers). The people in the Middle East may rightly want  to disagree with me in that they have NOT survived Obama’s presidency. He not only defended Bush’s torture policy, but he continues to practice it.


“His record on torture has been abysmal, to the point of obstruction, concealment, and ultimate complicity,” said Wells Dixon, a senior attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights,” Photo of US drones damage to communities in Syria.

And now, if we were to believe the media (national and global), the US and the world would not be able to survive the  presidency of a Donald Trump,  the man whose big crime so far has been that he has entertained  the American and global addicts of vacuous reality TV shows with The Apprentice and Miss America. 

His pre-crimes:

  • that he will continue these genocidal policies from the ‘nationalistic’, ‘isolationist’ and anti-globalist ideological position.
  • that he is “not a real conservative“,
  • that he will kill families of terrorists and neighborhoods where they are,
  • that he will use torture and cause a revolt in the military
  • that he is racist.
  • that women will suffer from his sexist policies

But Trump’s threat to the globalist is in that he is anti-globalist. If you believe the media’s characterization of his thinking, then there’s nothing to fear: he would be a continuation of exactly what the neocons are doing now. Yet he has not shown his immorality in practice, in terms of war policies; the main stream media that protects Bush Jr.’ war crimes and Obama’s current genocidal wars have shown us theirs.

I think that it is precisely because the Donald is “not a real conservative” that he would be less egregious to the world than the neocons ruling the USA in the two-party system. (That post in the link is long but covers a lot.)

Do I support or would vote for Trump? NO WAY! Is he contemptuous and racketeering? Sure, but so are our elected officials. So far, we haven’t seen the Donald bombing poor people. I’m just highlighting the hypocrisy and duplicity of the globalist-militaristic oligarchy. Their bone of contention with him is ideological, not moral. The GOP is the party of racists, they have no moral standing to reject him as one.

The oligarchy uses the GOP as its tool to openly advocate policies against humanity. The Democrats are less cut-throat or evident about it.

That’s the purpose of the two-party system: one is extreme, the other appears to be less so. It fits both the oligarchy (they too have internal divisions) and the people – voting to choose from between the perceived less of two evils, or between the lesser war mongers.

Until the working class gets the courage to dump that system, they will continue to be the serfs of the oligarchs.

The revolution doesn’t require much: build that working class third-party. That would be a beginning.

One advantage of the third party is that they can challenge special interests maintaining a duopoly of the U.S. government.  They provide a means of protest against the status quo.  They allow non-corrupt candidates to run and have ballot access.  The small organizations can support honest people running for office.  A big advantage is that they can promote ideologically pure platforms without the need to compromise for the sake of propaganda money.


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