Pat Caddell on the Political “revolution” in the 2016 election

Continuing with my fascination with the momentous implications of Trump’s campaign, I give you this article. It is from a source I totality disagree with, but in the article in question they discuss the same point of view I have discussed here. Mainly, that Trump’s threat to the GOP establishment comes from two sides: his anti-globalist position (implied in the article) and from the working class reaching its limit of tolerance to oppression.

I have to note that I don’t believe there is a political “revolution” about to happen here. As I have discussed before, it seems that the American working class can’t be weened out of the two-party system. As long as they are there, I doubt a profound ground shaking ‘revolution’ can occur. The first thing the working class needs is a third-party, or ‘evict’ the owners of the current parties. The post I referred to in the link above is long, it covers a lot.

So, even though the article is from Breitbart, it is very interesting.

Pat Caddell: Establishment Can’t Stop Trump’s Populist Candidacy Because They Can’t Recognize Legitimate Concerns Motivating His Voters

Veteran pollster Pat Caddell thinks the nation is at “the tipping point” of political “revolution” in the 2016 election because the Washington establishment doesn’t understand the legitimate concerns motivating ordinary Americans. Caddell believes the establishment “empire is trying to strike back” against the populist movement challenging their power, but the American people have “left the building.



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