Trump Win: Blame the MSM

The hypocrisy of the MSM: they smear Trump (OK with me, I’m not a follower) and scream bloody danger, but give him FREE air time.

Trump has spent hardly any money of his own on ads because he is getting free media. Had the MSM ignored him, he would have been forced to use his own money. I doubt he would have stayed for the long run. No ratings if the DOnald is not in the debates? So they bring him in, negotiate with him when he says he is not attending.

Do you remember when he was boycotted by foreign nations, his gulf courts, etc.? He did lose money, but he made it back with the free media. Now he has corporations (some) supporting him. Plus, he IS getting donation from his supporters and other ‘pacs’ under the table.

The MSM takes BILLIONS of dollars during presidential campaigns, that’s their bottom line. Trump doesn’t pay in cash, he pays in ratings. He must be producing soooooo much more dough in ratings to the MSM that they are happy with giving him free access.

Look, the GOP is divided, which is to say that the elite is divided. Nothing strange about that, every group, no matter how united it is, has its own divergent factions. The thing that divides them is MONEY and access to power, and IDEOLOGY. There’s a fight between globalist and neo-conservatives vs neo-liberals. So, Trump has stirred the GOP beehive.

The MSM uses him, then blames the angry voters for Trump’s  rise. Then the top of the elite, in the form of Larry Summers, blasts him. If the top of the elite so much hates Trump, how come they don’t order their tool, the MSM, to stop giving him free time?

They take the $$ and then blame YOU. You pay for all broken dishes, even when they broke them.


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