Hating Hillary

Watching CNN during Super Tuesday, you would think that the candidate that the MSM says is making the world tremble and would trash the world economy is Trump, but it isn’t.  HC  is the one the MSM hates even more than they claim to hate Trump.

They hate her because she is ‘a liar’, because of the ’email scandal’. That is more threatening to them than the Donald’s hate speech. He is supported by the KKK, but every body hates Hillary.

What gives? This hatred of HC is not new, they can’t claim they hate her because she’s a liar: the hatred has been going on since 2008 primaries. There were no ’email scandals’ then, no Benghazi.

The real reason for the hatred is that she was part of the legal team that impeached Nixon. And that she is a woman.

And don’t forget her stand in support of the Palestinians as a First Lady. The Zionists will never forgive her for that one.


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