Bernie Sanders’ Billionaire Class: The Fight Against A Handful Of Capitalists

The Evolution of the Fight Against the Capitalist Class:From All of Them to Against 0.1% of Them

From about the beginning of the industrial revolution, the working class have fought against the capitalist class, against all of it. Then, from the middle of the 20th century up to 2010, and as evidence of their loss of political power,  ‘we the people’ was wagging  a battle against  a ‘mere’  10% of that class.

Then, in 2011 came the new wave of leftist progressivism in the form of the OWS movement: their fight was reduced to against a bare 1% of the capitalist class. 

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Now comes ‘socialist’ Sanders, who has decided that the youngsters should fight against ONLY the 0.1% of the capitalists, and that said class should be known from now on as the ‘billionaire class’, not the capitalist class. Also, a vote for him is a vote “for yourselves” or for the “working family“, not for the working class.


In other words, the last vestiges of the socialist ideology of class identity (capitalist or working class) is finally gone in the new millennium with Sanders’ new brand of ‘socialism’.

Sanders revisionist formulation of who is the enemy of the working class (only the 0.1% of the billionaires), is not based on ignorance or omission, not even on ‘tactic’ to bring the voters into his ‘movement’.

He has almost exclusively identified as the evil class only a portion of Wall Street, “the greediest” elements in it. He seldom mentions any other elements of the capitalist class: the war mongering armament corporations (he has even used police force to defend them from protesters), the surveillance corps, not the globalist health insurance corporations…Only WS is our enemy, per socialist Sanders. His agenda for reforming WS, shall he become president of the USA, reflects clearly his true class alliance.

It’s not to the one  you think.

Those in the top 95-99% are part of the ‘greedy’ capitalists too: big money/blood sucking owners of globalist corporations are there. But Sanders don’t want you to look there. Just focus on the .1% of that 1%.

The many ‘reforms’ on Wall Street advocated by Sanders and the other protectors of capitalism will be sooo successful that, by the end of the next 20 years, there won’t be any percent to fight against. WS will be made whole and the capitalist class will chant ‘mission accomplished: our rule is unchallenged.’ We will be fighting against each other, cannibalizing each other for the few permanent jobs and other crumbs from the victorious elite. It’s Ayn Rand’s dream come true.



Reforming Wall Street and The Orwellian Language of the New Class Wars

This is not a call for revolution or for class struggle or class war: it’s the working class losing its identity and becoming mere consumers, begging protection from its oppressors.








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