The Trump Appeal

So many MSM pundits trying to understand the Trump phenomena unsuccessfully. What is confounding to them is not that the public support the Donald’s  fascists policies about immigration; they would have no problem seeing the public supporting those same policies coming from the other candidates, who have the same ideas as Trump…or worse. The confounding thing for them is that the public would agree with a card-carrying elitist, for they (the pundits) know  that Trump is not interested in the well-being of the regular people.

This is what they don’t see, what makes the Trump appeal so difficult to comprehend to the MSM pundits: that he is the product of their success. The myth of the business elite as apolitical and outside of partisan politics in Congress and the presidency is the valuable tool that must be kept intact in these presidential primaries, no matter how many politicians or which party may be hurt in the process of protecting said myth.

The Elitist Donald Coming Home to Roost

Trump is not ‘an outsider’ of government or politics; he may have not sat in Congress, but he is not an ‘outsider’ because he is part of the elite that manipulates politics from behind the curtains.

Trump himself just told the American public how politics are run here: he said he  owns politicians that, as he ruthlessly put it to embarrass his opponents in the first debate,  that suck his knee-caps (as Gordon Gecko said in the movie) for campaign donations. But somehow voters just don’t register in their minds that a billionaire himself has just opened the curtain and showed them that it is TRUE that they control politics from behind the curtain.

One of the reasons Trump is so despised by the GOP’s  ‘big donors’ (other billionaires) is because he just let the public look behind that curtain. But the public is still not looking. They continue to like the billionaires who corrupt our politicians, and hate the politicians. In a way is like arresting the prostitute for prostitution but setting free the man who paid for it: you can’t fix the problem by releasing those seeking the ‘favors’.

The believe that the Donald is an ‘outsider’ is the successful chicken coming home to roost.

The powers that be have for the longest been successful, with the help of the MSM they own, at hiding from the regular Joe and Jane how the political sausage is really made behind the curtains, and at portraying themselves as saviors of the nation from outside of politics. The elite hides how they control Congress and politicians with their massive donations and lobbyists to pass the laws that benefit them, how they buy their way out of the justice system. And, with their MSM, they cast the blame of the nation’s problem on ‘corrupt politicians’. Politicians are OK with that; to take the fall for the hand that feeds them is the price of privilege.

So, now they have an elitist who, in the eyes of the fed up segment of  the republican party, comes ‘clean’; clean of ‘blame’ as an outsider and ‘clean’ about how the politicians are the toys of the elite. What to do with him? The big donors can’t say he’s right about government corruption, that would be suicidal; so they cast him as a nut case, although they would rather call him a ‘traitor’ to their class. I’m just describing the situation, I’m NOT defending nor supporting him, God forbid.

The thing that irks these politicians and MSM is that their success at blinding the people about how the elite is behind our problems doesn’t allow them to attack Trump as an card-carrying elitist, which in normal situations would be his Achilles tendon. To claim that the Donald is lying about politicians being the puppets of the elite would be an invitation for him to  open the curtains of power in Congress and the presidency and name names. That will never happen on this planet.

But why do the people believes in him?

The Luxury of Telling It as It Is

Buying the myth that the elite is outside of politics allows the public to give moral qualities to Trump that he doesn’t have (honesty, e.g.). They view businessmen as honest because businessmen don’t ‘dwell’ in the house of  corruption. Out of sight, out of mind. Just because they don’t ‘dwell’ there doesn’t mean they don’t ‘visit’ the house. That’s how it comes to be that Trump has the luxury to say it ‘as it is’: he has the ‘moral’ superiority over his contenders who dwell in the house of corruption. But people confuse that brazen exhibition of power with honesty.

The Trump appeal to the public is a sign of their desperation, of fear, and of the delusion that fear begets, in relations to politics. The Donald appeal is the powerless’ cry for the powerful to come and rescue them from this debacle that is today’s politics because they don’t see in themselves the power to bring a modicum of decency, of humanity in this cut-throw capitalist elitists, and because they bought the lie of the elite as ‘an outsider businessman’, not a politician. Trump is ‘an outsider’ with ‘business acumen’. That’s what they think the nation needs. No matter how unpolished and pedestrian the elite member might be (Trump) he is better than the polished lying politician, in the voter’s eyes.

The confounding thing to the MSM  about Trump’s fans  is that they (the MSM owners) know that the Donald represents exactly what his followers hate in politicians, but attacking him would cause the elite in general to become collateral damage.

David Bloomberg will show more finesse and loyalty to his class if he runs for the presidency.


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